Created by Edge of Belgravia - Stingray Non-stick Pan Collection

First non-stick pan with Swiss Ilag's newest coating. Probably the best coating in the market. With a striking design.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

16 days ago – Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 02:11:39 PM

Dear Backers, 

Thank you for your support and patience this far. We also hope you are well and not to impacted by COVID-19. It is a truly sad affair. 


We have been tracking the progress of the factory closely.  Although we are sad to announce that the factory is reporting a further delay, we are very close to shipping out. We now estimate that the goods will leave China around 10th of April

I know that we were confident about the previous shipping date, so terribly sorry to disappoint. We are as keen as you to ship out. However, we believe that it is  better to ensure a better quality product than rushing production, which would risk defects. 

In our next update we will share pictures of the final packaged products. In the update after that we will give you the names of the ships for Europe and USA. We will provide you with a detailed estimate once the goods are on ships. 

 Again, thanks for your support. 

Best wishes, 

Freddie and the Edge of Belgravia Team

about 1 month ago – Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 02:40:46 AM

Dear Backers, 

Thank you for supporting our campaign and for the patience with the initial delay. Some of you have rightly been asking for a further update about the impact of the Coronavirus. 


The combination of the Chinese new year holiday and the lack of clarity regarding the actual impact of the corona virus, has made it difficult to provide a realistic update until now. 

We have just been informed that all goods will be ready to ship out on 20th March. In our previous update we predicted 5th March. The good news is that this means only 15 days of additional delay. It could have been significantly worse, so I think we should be fairly pleased about these news.  


We will shortly send out the link from Backerkit which will ask you to confirm your shipping address. You need to log back in and confirm your address. Once your address has been locked down it will be difficult for us to change the address. We will send the shipping lists to the various fulfillment centers. 

In the event of an emergency and you really need to change your address again later you need to contact 


In our previous update we promised to share details of the packaging design. Please see below.  

Stingray Packaging Design Example


We have also promised to share pictures from the production of the silicone spatula | turner. This is a truly high quality product, with a stainless steel front part, mounted on a plastic handle for optimal shape effect and covered by a high quality heat resistant silicone layer. The result is stunning. We look forward to your comments when you get to use them yourselves. 

Silicone Spatula | Turner


Please note that you should never use a metal turner or fork in a nonstick pan. It risks scratching the surface unnecessarily. A silicone or wood spatula is therefore essential to maintain your new Stingray Pans in the best possible condition. 


Just to reiterate the delivery date the current estimate is for delivery at the end of May. We will keep you posted with the details of the ships once we ship out of China. 

Best wishes, 

Freddie and the Edge of Belgravia team

3 months ago – Mon, Jan 06, 2020 at 01:36:52 AM

Dear Backers, 

First of all, we wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We ought to have posted more frequent updates since our last update in October. We apologise for that. 

A number of backers have been asking for pictures and an update to the production timeline. This is a good indicator that more of you are expecting an update, so we thank those of you who have been reminding us to post. 

Our main focus since our last update has been on keeping the production timeline for the pans, getting the accessories right and on finalising the packaging. 


The production of the pans is nearly complete and on schedule. The samples that we received in November look great. However, the BBC requested them for a last minute inclusion in a show (live in May / June) about our unique designs and we felt that we could not pass on the PR opportunity. Sadly this means that we do not have any good photo shots of the pans as the BBC production company has not yet sent them back. 

We have requested more up-to-date pictures of the production from the factory, but as for now we have some from over a month ago. Below is the thick aluminium body in the shape prepared for the next stage in production. 

Mid Production Picture

Below is a picture of the bottom plate stamping machine. This stainless steel plate enables the heat transfer from from an induction hob to the aluminium base. It is later covered by the exterior non-stick coating. 

Stamping machine for the stainless steel bottom plate


The lids may seem like a simple product to manufacture, but we have had to work hard to make them fit well. The 30 cm lid did not fit well after the first production test in October. So we had to modify the tooling in November and the latest test in early December was approved. Below are some early pictures of the lids being tested onto prototype pans to ensure perfect fit. 

Lids - tested for fit

We have also had some challenges with the handle. We tested a number of factories and were initially hoping to be able to use existing tooling to make the lid handle. We considered both aluminium and stainless steel. After multiple attempts through July -  September, we found a suitable factory for the lid handle. 

We opened new tooling for die cast stainless steel production in October. The advantage of a stainless steel handle is that stainless steel transfers heat slower than aluminium. This ensures that the handle will stay cool for as long as possible when you are cooking. 

Below are the latest pictures of the pre-production samples. The result is stunning in our opinion. Sadly this along with the adjustment of the tooling for the larger 30 cm lid has caused a delay in the production time table.  

Glass lid handle


We had to test the hangers a number of times to make sure that they were ok to hold the pans and fix properly to a rail. This seems now to work well. We are waiting for the latest update from production which we understand is progressing well. 


The prototype of the Silicone Spatula was spot on and production has progressed well. It is a formidable product which looks like no other spatula / turner in the market. We will share pictures in our next update. 


The final part of the product is the packaging. We have explored different types of packaging but we settled on a mail order box which is more robust and less likely to cause problems in shipping. The picture attached is without print and is just for you to see the concept. These pictures are from November. We will send pictures of the full packaging concept in the next update.  

Packaging concept


As you may be aware, the Chinese New Year means that all of China closes down for production. The Chinese New Year is time for people to spend time with their families back in their home towns.  This festivity was originally for just 2 weeks, but has in recent years in practice expanded to 4 weeks. This is because over 300 million people go home to their families further in-land which causes immense strain on the transport infrastructure. Imagine 300 million people going home on the same day. This has extended the actual holiday significantly. The consequence is that most factories and ports remain closed or operate at very low capacity for nearly a month. 

Another implications is that all factories operate at maximum capacity in the months before the holiday to complete existing orders. This means that there is a great chance for mistakes and issues in quality control. 

In our initial update where we moved the estimated delivery date to end of March 2020, we stated that this was contingent on that we managed to ship out before the Chinese New Year. It now looks increasingly like this will become hard to achieve, at least at the same time ensuring the highest possible quality. 

As we very reluctantly have to accept that we will not complete production before the Chinese New Year, we will sadly have to wait for 1 month until operations resume again. 


We appreciate your patience this far, and we understand that the delivery time table has slipped more than both you and we would like. We are truly sorry about that. Our new estimate for delivery is May 2020. Our plan is set out in the Shipping Plan below. 


In our previous campaigns we lost more than an extra month due to the US rail system. In our Kuroi Hana campaign we lost over 1 month between LA and Tennesse due to a rail issue. In the Shiroi Hana campaign we lost over 1 month between Savannah and Tennesse due to a faulty train carriage. 

It also turned out that the actual processing capacity of our existing warehouse was smaller than expected. This caused a further two month delay for the last US backers. 

Our plan is to find a new distribution centre near LA, California. This would ensure the fastest route by Sea from China (about 30 days with custom clearance) and hopefully we can truck the goods within 2-3 days to the fulfilment centre. This means that we can start dispatching earlier and save time.   

  • Shipping by sea Guangzhou to Los Angeles: 15th March - 15th April. 
  • Transport Los Angeles to fulfilment centre: 15th April - 20th April 
  • Unloading and unpacking at fulfilment centre: 21st April - 30th April.
  • Start dispatching rewards to Backers within the USA: 1st May - 15th May. Last deliveries: 20th May. 


In our past campaigns, the UK shipments and deliveries have been faster than in any other region. Thankfully it seems that the UK transitional arrangements with the EU will allow us to fulfil all of the EU from the UK. Consequently, we plan to use the UK as a basis for all European shipments. 

In terms of disaster planning, we still have a warehouse in Hof, Germany, but in our previous campaign their processing capacity was much lower than expected and they were not good at feeding us the tracking numbers. We also lost nearly a month between the port of Rotterdam and Hof. It was not ideal. 

Should we be forced to use a mainland European warehouse because of altered Bexit arrangements, we will try to find a new fulfilment centre closer to the port of Rotterdam. 

  • Shipping by sea Guangzhou to Felixstowe: 15th March - 25th April. 
  • Transport Felixstowe to Coaleville: 25th April - 27th April 
  • Unloading and unpacking at fulfilment centre: 27th April - 30th April.
  • Start dispatching rewards to Backers within the UK and Europe (including Norway and Switzerland): 1st May - 15th May. Last deliveries: 20th May. 


We will provide a more detailed update later, but estimate that most jurisdictions will be fulfilled from Hong Kong. In this case, some deliveries may happen already in April whereas other jurisdictions will be around 20th of May. It depends on jurisdiction. 

Again, we are sorry to announce a further delay, we thank you immensely for the patience and we hope that you are reassured by the new shipping plan. We also promise to post more frequent updates from now on. 

Happy New Year! 

Thank you for your support in this campaign! You make it happen! 

Kind regards, 

Freddie and the Edge of Belgravia team

6 months ago – Mon, Oct 07, 2019 at 10:23:00 PM

Dear Backers, 

As always, we are thankful for your support. 


We have recently started to receive some messages from backers regarding the shipping date. It seems that we have not been clear enough. As we announced two updates ago - Update 11 - the revised delivery  date is end of March 2020. 

As explained in that update, the tooling time for the accessories such as the lid, the hanger, the turner etc is taking longer than expected. We have just received pre-production samples, but we are still having an issue with the lid handle before we can launch bulk production. We are optimistic that we will find a solution for this. 

There are no issues with the pans themselves. They look fantastic and they feel great to cook with! This is really a great product and you have secured it at a fantastic price. 

We will keep you updated. Our aim is to complete all bulk production before the Chinese New Year in January.  

Kind regards, 


9 months ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 08:51:47 PM

Dear Backers, 

We hope that you are well. 

This is an update to provide you with a few pictures from the bulk production process and also share some good news. 


The bulk production of your Stingray pans is progressing well. The bottom part in black is a layer of stainless steel which enables the pans to operate on an induction hob. Induction hobs rely on magnetism to transfer heat. Aluminium is not magnetic. Hence the stainless steel part is necessary to achieve this. The hexagon shape for this bottom plate is unique and we had to open special tooling to be able to produce it. 

Stingray non-stick pans with a stainless steel bottom plate
Stingray non-stick pans with a stainless steel bottom plate


We are also pleased to inform you that  the factory has successfully started to prepare the first layer of the non-stick coating. It is a form of sandblasting which ensures that the outer layers attach properly to the pan. 

Sandblasted Stingray Non-stick Pans
Sandblasted Stingray Non-stick Pans


We are equally pleased to inform you that the Stingray Non-Stick pan collection won GOLD in the 2019 European Product Design Awards in the Home Appliances category. We proudly note that the Stingray also won SILVER and BRONZE in the Home Interior and Kitchen Accessories categories. This seems quite the record! 


Again, thank you for backing our project. We could not have launched this collection without your support. 

Best wishes, 



Edge of Belgravia